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A brand new initiative to open doors, share opportunities and unveil new career paths for those who might not have considered construction before.

Unveiling New Opportunities

Funding and Training for SME's

Digital Skills Training

Building Growth South West – Our Story

The Building Growth South West project was developed with three core activities in mind: 

  • Provide a comprehensive skills analysis programme to bring together SMEs and training providers to understand gaps in digital skill capabilities
  • Deliver a solutions development programme to build and distribute tools and resources to help overcome competency gaps, make training more accessible, and build infrastructure to deliver more reactive, employment-led digital training for construction SME’s
  • Develop a legacy programme to build pathways into other sectors where the digital skills resources and programmes and create impact. 

The project is based in the South West and covers the Exeter and Plymouth area. 


Over 50% of all housing built over the next 5 years will be delivered using digital methods of construction but only 17% of the supply chain have any digital capabilities related to modern methods of construction (Mark Farmer review 2017). It is now at the point where digital competency is undermining innovation, hampering productivity and inhibiting the uptake of training within construction”

What can Building Growth do for me?

If you’re a construction SME in Plymouth or Devon interested in finding out more about how Building Growth South West can support your business, get in touch with us today using the contact form.

 If you have access to SME’s who might be interested in getting involved with our Building Growth South West programmes, please contact us to see how we can assist them.


What skills can we prepare you for?

Understanding of digital skills and how it can enhance your services

Upskilling your workforce through free training and resources

Increasing your business offering to clients


Understanding the importance of digital skills for your business

Guidance on funding opportunities

Providing comprehensive training and resources for your workforce

Employment-led workshops

Strengthen your local network



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